Together ft. Daphne - Believe (Original Mix)

Sweden has been famous for its house music for a long time. Avicii, Alesso, Swedish House Mafia and Eric Prydz are some of those. Never before has over 100 producers collaborated in a track. Together EDM is a group of swedish producers doing just that. Through an impressive management they have created a stellar tune in "Believe" they even got the singer Daphe Khoo to lend her voice to their project. Similar to the Avicii x You project, the producers submitted elements and voted for it. What is unique for this group was that everyone got to be a part of the fun. Everything included artwork, promotions, logos and such were created by the group. There is even a music video in progress, that will most likely get released in the following months.

 Avicii started the project "House for Hunger" which is helping to decrease the hunger in the poor parts of the world. During the last year he managed to earn over 7 million SEK to the project, which is insane. He suggested others to participate as well. Couple of friends gathered and started invite more friends, soon Together EDM was formed. They're giving all the income of "Believe" to charity, which is a noble thing to do. As mentioned earlier, the track is really good as well. Over a hundred different producers collaborated in it, that is just a wicked thought. The result is amazing and it will become big for sure.


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