Wadafunk: "Lifeline" & "Aether"

This next post contains 2 tracks, I could simply not choose which I wanted to promote. This guys is From France, he's 17 years old. His name is Wadafunk. Both "Aether" and "Lifeline" are two amazing tracks. Both of them starts slowly and calm, releasing temptation and stress. Then builds up with big saws who explodes in a melodic hook that's way beyond a majority of others at his age. One of the secrets behind this young producer is the length of the songs. 3 minutes is not enough time to let magic happen. When people think of French House it's either Madeon, Martin Solveig or Guetta that comes in mind. This is about to change. Wadafunk has come to stay. We might as well follow his road to the top. "Lifeline" has a side-chaining saw that almost draw lines in your head. It's quite comfortable and possibly the intention? Listen for yourself, it's amazing, nothing less to say. "Aether" on the other hand starts off with a melodic pluck and you know kind of what to expect yet, when the hook drops it's beyond expectations and a pleasure to listen to. The piano used fits so nicely that it should been illegal. You can hear he has been spending lots of time polishing his sound.


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